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You’re looking for a Conyers chiropractor, so why not pick the best, most flexible bang for your buck service that will take your care and healing to new levels? That’s AICA – the place to go if you’ve been in an accident and need to get serious about your health.

But not only accidents; if you’re suffering from chronic pain, difficulties with movement, old injuries or joint issues we can help you. Call AICA and – GET PAID TODAY™.
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How Do We Do It All?

Because we’re the most well-oiled, body healing machine in Conyers. It’s the magic of AICA, where under a single mantle you’ll have access to chiropractic, orthopedic and physical therapeutic care.

Not only that, we can also give you a free X-ray when you come to us, because we’ll want to know how to diagnose your condition, and we always use the best tools to do it.

Avoid The Hospital

Insurance is a pain, we all know. And that’s why AICA is an incredible boon to everyone who is injured or getting over an injury of any kind, because we get you out of the hospital while giving you the benefits of a full-service hospital staff

  • Speed your wait time
  • Offer same day appointments
  • Give you the financial benefits of an accident injury clinic
  • Give you the medical benefits of our team of top-notch hospital doctors and MRI


Our Human Tools

Sometimes the tool for you is our chiropractor, your holistic healer who can realign your spine and bring you relief from a surprising variety of ailments. If you’ve already been discharged from the hospital after an accident, our doctors of chiropractic might become some of your best friends.

They can help ease and erase those aches, pains and even hidden issues lurking in the wake of your injury.

Sometimes the tool for you is our physical therapist, your coach and aid in healing specific conditions that require exercise, repetitive movement and physical training or therapy. If you’ve hurt your knee, for instance, the physical therapist can give you a plethora of exercises that will help you gain full movement, strength and flexibility in all of the muscles surrounding your knee joint, which is the key to a healthy joint.

And sometimes the tool for you is our orthopedist, to heal a broken bone, check your joints and bring you the expert strategy and health care you need to overcome injuries at the time of their occurrence, or to mitigate their effects after the fact.


Finally, what if you need a massage? It’s therapeutic, health inducing and might even help you live longer. After an accident it’s one of the low impact forms of care that make us the leaders in aggressive healing and holistic care that will bring you the relief you seek.
Orthopedist Appointment | AICA Conyers


Another tool that we use in certain cases is the MRI.

Our MRI access is one of the clear reasons to choose AICA over other offices that fail to bring you every resource to help you regain your full health – our extensive network throughout greater Atlanta gives us the ability to bring you any service that you’ll need after an accident.

Laser Therapy

Take an infrared light and shoot it into the skin. Sound painful? It’s not, and can be therapeutic when the problem is pain, acute or chronic, that isn’t responding to much else. Laser therapy can also be used as an additional source of care for injury. When you’re trying to get over a painful accident, sometimes many techniques can come together to create a program of healing that is more effective than a single style of treatment.

Laser therapy can restore the function of cells in your joints, ligaments and other soft tissue that is difficult to treat using other options. The intense, painless amounts of light help to heat under skin tissue, restore functioning and ease pain.

At Conyers, we may also give you more options to take care of your injuries, and offer you help, counseling and training.

  • Aerobics
  • Breathing work
  • Meditation
  • Joint Stretches
  • Acupuncture


Call Us

Now that you’ve seen a preview of our practice, take a look at more great reasons to choose AICA of Conyers:

•   We’re going to bill the at-fault insurance company, so if you’ve been in an accident, you’ve got nothing to lose with us!

•   When applicable, we help you deal with both medical issues and legal paperwork that has to do with the medical issues of your case.

•   If you can’t travel because of your injury, we can help you get to our office for treatment.

•   We’re always open, so call us now and get the healing that you deserve.

Don’t live with chronic pain. Get better today at AICA of Conyers. Call now and get the chance to heal today with a same day appointment.

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