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Looking for a Conyers car accident doctor? Good thing you’ve found AICA. When you’re in pain and don’t know where to turn, we’re here to help. Just take a moment and prepare yourself for the AICA difference.

The AICA Difference

After you’ve been through an accident, trauma or if you’re looking for a solution to chronic pain – or interested in keeping pain from becoming chronic, it’s time to call AICA. Because when you call AICA, you get all of this:

  • Free X-ray if required
  • No out of pocket cost as we bill the at-fault insurance company or 3rd party
  • Transportation arrangement if you aren’t mobile due to your injury
  • Multi-doctor practice, all under the same roof provides comprehensive and easy care
  • We offer same day appointments
  • We’re open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

So what are you waiting for? Before reading further, you owe it to yourself to get the care that your deserve. With our powerful service you not only have the possibility of regaining your health, but of winning your case. When you work with AICA we always document your medical history and how your injuries have affected you, and send this information on to your legal counsel. While this doesn’t guarantee a certain result, it’s a unique service that has helped many in situations just like yours.

Just Call Us

We’re open 24 Hours a day. Get your free car accident care now!

Back Pain

It can happen to anyone – the pain of an accident is never simple or easy. It can affect your lumbar spine, your thoracic spine and your cervical spine. These make up practically every joint in your back, and our chiropractor is specially trained and experienced to assess the structures and joints that have been injured, and to provide you with treatment and an ongoing plan of action to healthy living.


When another car hits you, your head is probably the most mobile part of your body. Your hands are probably at the wheel. Your body is belted in. But your head is free to move about the cab, and because of its weight, which is attached only by a mobile neck, it can rush at surprising speeds after a simple 10 mile per hour crash. When the head moves forward or backward, it pulls the neck with it and when stretched to the limit, the neck’s soft tissue will be strained, pained and inflamed.

Orthopedic Care

There can be more serious injuries in a car accident, and for these we have our orthopedic doctor, who is able to help you in mending bones, repairing dislocations and assessing and healing joint pain. Whether you’ve been in a recent accident or have an old ailment, your situation is safe with us. We know how to take care of every kind of injury – from the twisted back to a fracture or osteoarthritis. When you’re looking for the doctors who can bring you real relief and are easy to work with, having the maximum number of benefits under a single roof, the best place to call is AICA.

At what other chiropractic or orthopedic doctor in Conyers can you be assured of getting MRI access? That’s the kind of service that will help you a lot when facing a situation. Our own doctors are able to locate the source of your pain. In such a case where the X-ray alone isn’t sufficient, we can send you to our MRI and get the full color, 3D images that will give us the information to offer you a true diagnosis of your condition, and arrive at the proper method of treatment.

So before another minute goes by, you have a choice to make. We’ve made that choice easy by providing your with free services and the possibility of no out of pocket cost. Your first contact with us is always free. You have nothing to lose – just call us now and tell us what you’re facing.

We’ll take care of the rest.

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